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PIL "live in tokyo" Jacket at shinjuku sta.

you like rock music or and so on.
if you want to see PIL album jacket "live in tokyo",
located shinjuku Sta.
below here maybe


album jacket

see you.

comment for timeout tokyo 10 things (top 10) to do in shinjuku

1. Shinjuku gyoen
- I say proper evaluation, cos I love it.
but if you live in a countryside boy or girl, why you like to go to shinjuku gyoen to have green?
you might think that.
you want to see what is Japanese city, there is no reason to go there.
Best time to go there, when you have some tiresome in noisy and or anything in tokyo city.

2. Dug (jazz bar)
- sorry , not been there, and not interesting in jazz.

3.Yanbaru (Okinawa restaurant)
- I say not proper evaluation, I think.
why you like to go to Okinawa (south island) in shinjuku.
and they might recommend Okinawa soba (Okinawa noodle) and so on, but I would recommend very variable and many attractive "Ramen".

4.Die Katze (cats cafe)
- sorry , not been there, and not interesting in cats.

5.Pan-ya no Don Suke (bread shop)
- I like this shop, I go there sometime but, I say not proper evaluation, I think.
far from shinjuku Sta. and if you want to have experience of Japanese bread shop, not far from shinjuku sta. there are many many bread shop in basement of a department store just like isetan or keio or odakyu or anything.

6.Bicqlo (uniqlo and bic camera)
- uniqlo is cloths chain-store , bic camera is electric machine or anything chain store,
2 chain store in 1 place that's it.

7.Zoetrope (whiskey bar)
- sorry , not been there, and not interesting in whiskey.

8.Zuien Bekkan (chinese restaurant)
- I say proper evaluation, cos I love it, very near to Shinjuku gyoen.
but shinjuku gyoen is cllosed at 16:30, so you want to here and there, I recommend lunch time.

9.Living Design Centre Ozone (interior shop)
- sorry , not been there, but why you are in shinjuku, I say to you.

10. Shinjuku Batting Centre
- I like this place, I go there sometime.
But you might think japanese like batting in Nightlife district.
reason why? I talk about this, my opinion comes out.

In old days, baseball is most popular sports in Japan. baseball was only entertainment in japan.
so In Nightlife district when richer and middle aged gentle man have dating with female companion, he might swing a bat and have warming up before "boxing" in neoned house...

see again.

where is green in shinjuku...

you trip around shinjuku,,,, shop, shop, restaurant, skysraper, many passenger many many, you heavily tired..how's good?

you might think where is green in shinjuku? where is to breathe deeply myself in shinjuku?

I tell you that green is near you , don't care.

First is Shinjuku-gyoen,

shinjuku-gyoen is very famous park garden, I heard there were golf park old days.
but admission fee is 400yen required.

very very huge park, so when you' tired past days trip around tokyo, enter the gate and go through the passenger and tree , lay down lawn immediately... deep breathe your own deeply, look over the sky,.... that's it.

after all, my recommendation is (I mean where to eat), "zuien-bekkan", that is Chinese restaurant.
I like mabo-dofu(Ʀ), gomoku-yakisobaʸܾ͡, sui-gyozaʿҡ.

Second is shinjuku chuoo kouen, migtht calls "shinjuku central park".
but that is very different from central park in NY, very smaller and "not disciplined".
admission fee is free,
that is very near to Shinjuku Sta. and electric machines town like "YODOBASHI camera" and also.

also you lay down to the lawn.
after all I recommend where to eat is "tonchinkan"(),that is Japanese pork cutlet " tonkatsu" restaurant...

wait wait wait , you might expect any restaurants to make good services and hospitalities, you stop reading below, that's it.

This restaurant is fastfoodlike, I mean that "order-eat-pay-out" quickly.
But very good taste and very cheaper restaurant never-met before.
I wanna describe more, I pass it. It can be seen if you go...

see again.

do you remember "crazy climber" a game of early 80's

do you remember "crazy climber"?

If you are around 40years old , you might have played a arcade game "crazy climber".
use 2 joystick no button I thought it revolutionary though I was young .

I loved crazy climber as much as "packman" , I loved arcade game and used to play at Oslo batting center at kabukicho when I was young.

It is a real story of crazy climber that came out from a company at Shinjuku Ookubo.
One day a worker of a game company took a glance at window through Shinjuku skyscraper, that came up with a game climbing skyscraper.

crazy climber got a hit in global after that.... as much as packman.

do you like movies? location for making movie in Shinjuku...

when you are in shinjuku, one day you might think , I 've seen before in movie or anything.

First is an Oscar nominee "lost in translation"('03), featured with young Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.
That pictured and filmed many scenes in Shinuku kabukicho area and Shinjuku Park tower "hotel park hyatt tokyo" at Nishi-shinjuku.

-Scarlett stayed with husband in "hotel park hyatt tokyo"
"hotel park hyatt tokyo"

-Bill and Scarlett taxed in where near to Shinjuku prince hotel and in front of pachinko Nittaku.
pachinko Nittaku

-Scarlett went to hospital whereTokyo Medical University Hospital at nishi-shinjuku.
Tokyo Medical University Hospital

Second is San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident) ('09)
This is a Jackie Chan's movie and not have a high opinion.
there are many scenes not only Shinjuku but also Okubo.
Last climax scene is at Okubo Sta. But not real location.
Okubo Sta.

how's this , see again.

Ramen at shinjuku ( around shinjuku area)

You might think I can't help mentioning "Ramen".
Ramen is very popular food in Japan and very reasonable so that nonnative love it.

But it might be very difficult for nonnative around shinjuku or shinookubo to enjoy it , I think.
Because ramen shop are many many around shinjuku than another city,
and I mean not all ramen shop are good and it is a little hard to order it.

below here, my personal opininon ...

Ramen are categorized for many .

1 shouyu aji (soy-source taste)

1-1 only chicken soup stock
-this is very popular and ordinary ramen. so, most of all ordinary Chinese restaurant has this menu,
but very "normal" in Japan it calls " Futsuu".
(In this case "Futsuu" means that I don't have any opinion. )
So I cannot describe here my recommendation.
And ordinary Chinese restaurant get fewer nowadays.

1-2 mainly dried fish soup stock
-nowadays only dried fish soup stock ramen is few but very traditional in Japan.
my recommendation is "Nagi" at otakibashi-dori near by Okubo Sta.(not Shinookubo Sta.) or hanamichi @kabukichou.
kanji character is "". (But Nagi is little not traditional but good and a recommendation of timeout tokyo.)

1-3 mixed (pork , chicken and fish) soup stock
- nowadays mainstream of shouyu ramen is this type.
my recommen' are
- Kitakata ramen near by seibu-shinjuku Sta.
kanji and kana character is " ¿顼"
- Musashi at otakibashi dori near by nishi-shinjuku Sta.
kanji character is " ¢"

2 miso aji (soybean paste taste)

2-1 originated in Sapporo (that means city north of Japan)
my recommen' is
- Raiden near by takadanobaba Sta.(next to shinookubo Sta.)
kanji character is " "

2-2 not Sapporo type (different from 2-1)
my recommen' is
- Misoya hachiro shouten at otakibashi dori near by nishi-shinjuku Sta.
kanji character is " ̣ȬϺŹ"

3 Kyushu tonkotsu (pork soup stock originated in Kyushu (that means city south of Japan))
- nowadays my recomen' is not near here (around shinjuku).

4 ie-kei (pork soup stock originated in Yokohama (south of Tokyo))
- nowadays my recommen' is not near here (around shinjuku).

5 jiro-kei (pork soup stock and pork backfat and much veges)
- sorry I don't like jiro-kei and I advise you had not better choose "jiro-kei".
jiro-kei is very "eccentric" I think.

6 others
-many types...."Sio ahi" (salt taste), " Gekikara"(very hot),,,

how to order
Most of all ramen shops order systems are meal ticket system, Japanese " Shokken", character is "".
It is not easy for beginners and nonnatives, so you have to say bravery when you put money in machine.
" Suimasen osusume wo kudasai, Oshite morae masuka".
translate directly,
suimasen is "excuse me (or us)"
osusume is " recommendation"
wo kudasai " please"
Oshite morae masuka " please push bottom "

you say so, clerk may come over and push bottom with appropriate.

Then clerk says to you sometime.
"okonomi wa arimasuka?" means what is your favorite or anything?
this means which's are your favorite that :
-noodle is hard or soft
-soup is salty or not
-oily or not.

When you might be a beginner you have to say " Futsuu de iidesu" .
(In this case "Futsuu" means , " I leave it to you". "iidesu" means please.)

To order is that's it.
and all you do is sit and wait and eat.

after you ate , sometime you have to bring your bowl to higher counter, it depends on shop.

I love Ramen , what can I do of you.

Now you in shinookubo at first time , you have to eat "samgyo"

I write more, shinookubo sightseeing.

shinookubo is next to shinjuku station.

(I define shinjuku is around shinjuku Sta..)
shinjku is a name of city, so a it is similar to new york city.
When you're in Japan , we call shinjuku is shinjuku Sta..
But shinjuku is a name of address include kabukichou, ookubo, yotsuya, takadanobaba, kagurazaka, nishi-shinjuku, and so on.
so I wanna say
shinjuku is just like a only Manhattan , you been to new york city or just like that, you are not satisfied with shinjuku. shinjuku is just a "city".
Or you been to asakusa and kyoto to have enjoyed "japanese of japaneses" ,
and you must think "japanese" is more than enough,
then you should go to shinookubo, there is very nice place, you might be satisfied there.

-when you are in shinookubo first time, you have to do is,

--eat samgyopsal( hereinafter samgyo' , sliced pork belly cooked on a tabletop grill)

---how to order
It is very simple to order samgyo' in korean restaurant.
when you be in a restaurant, you order samgyo' for amount of person.
you would like to have a drink , you order beer or anything else, that's it.
But you are a student anything else, in Japan, glass of water is free, it is not a legend but true , when you would like so , you say that " Omizu kudasai ".

And most of all korean restaurant serve "panchan", it means Appetizer.
panchan is free in most of all, and some of restaurants would refill for free.

So you only order samgyo' and drink, that's it.

---how to cook and eat
after that you see sliced pork on the iron plate, korean lettuce "sanchu " and hot miso source and white onion, and panchan.

-cut (tear) lettuce size of your mouth
-put on lettuce hot miso-source(a little bit hot source)
-put on sliced pork have grilled
-put on white onion
-and you eat at a mouthful that's it!

very delicious meal, I'm not a korean but I love it.

Oh I forgot to tell you "tips" is not required in Japan, that's not a legend also.

I had better say where is restaurant recommendation, but korean restaurant is very changing, I mean so that there are many not good cases , name is not changed, but owner has changed, So quality is changed (yes,,not only these cases also).

but I dare to say recommendation,
"moise" and "suibokan", both are Okubo 1choume.
check Web site please, you install japanese character "⥤" and ɥܥʿۡˡ.

how to have a sightseeing in shin-ookubo (next to shinjuku sta. )

"I dare to make you go sightseeing to shin-ookubo"

-before you go to shin-ookubo(where to stay?)
-where is shin-ookubo?
-what is attractive about shin-ookubo?
-Is it worth to go to shin-ookubo?

I'm not a professional tour guide, but if you have a interesting
about shin-ookubo, I make you touch with shin-ookubo.

where you are ? you are at shinjuku-sta. ?
now you're making plan about shinjuku-trip or anything else?

you haven't decided where to stay at shinjuku?
and also you don't have lots of money, I tell you very nice hotel,
that is "shinjuku green plaza"(hereinafter"green plaza").

green plaza is a sauna spot and also a "nice hotel",
catch copy is "is not luxury but comfortable ever-met"

So here is a most popular culture of Japanese,"Capsule Hotel"!
(you might say, wow what a nice!)

You can stay in mid-shinjuku for about 20 bucks a night.
there are many capsule hotel in shinjuku or in tokyo,
but green plaza is one which is very clean and "straightly" I met,
(is a personal opinion ).

But you have to stand up some Japanese culture,
-tattoo is not allowed, so you have it, before you be in, talk about any treatment they can (I mean , you have to make a offer to counter clerk), just like bandaided or any taped in your body.
-when you are bathing, don't wear pants.
-when you are bathing, your towel must not soak in big bathtub.

when you decided hotel to stay in shinjuku, then how you enjoy in shinjuku or shin-ookubo and also.

next time I writemore.
for nonnative (I wrote)

for nonnative: web "google translate" below
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