"I dare to make you go sightseeing to shin-ookubo"

-before you go to shin-ookubo(where to stay?)
-where is shin-ookubo?
-what is attractive about shin-ookubo?
-Is it worth to go to shin-ookubo?

I'm not a professional tour guide, but if you have a interesting
about shin-ookubo, I make you touch with shin-ookubo.

where you are ? you are at shinjuku-sta. ?
now you're making plan about shinjuku-trip or anything else?

you haven't decided where to stay at shinjuku?
and also you don't have lots of money, I tell you very nice hotel,
that is "shinjuku green plaza"(hereinafter"green plaza").

green plaza is a sauna spot and also a "nice hotel",
catch copy is "is not luxury but comfortable ever-met"

So here is a most popular culture of Japanese,"Capsule Hotel"!
(you might say, wow what a nice!)

You can stay in mid-shinjuku for about 20 bucks a night.
there are many capsule hotel in shinjuku or in tokyo,
but green plaza is one which is very clean and "straightly" I met,
(is a personal opinion ).

But you have to stand up some Japanese culture,
-tattoo is not allowed, so you have it, before you be in, talk about any treatment they can (I mean , you have to make a offer to counter clerk), just like bandaided or any taped in your body.
-when you are bathing, don't wear pants.
-when you are bathing, your towel must not soak in big bathtub.

when you decided hotel to stay in shinjuku, then how you enjoy in shinjuku or shin-ookubo and also.

next time I write more.