when you are in shinjuku, one day you might think , I 've seen before in movie or anything.

First is an Oscar nominee "lost in translation"('03), featured with young Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.
That pictured and filmed many scenes in Shinuku kabukicho area and Shinjuku Park tower "hotel park hyatt tokyo" at Nishi-shinjuku.

-Scarlett stayed with husband in "hotel park hyatt tokyo"
"hotel park hyatt tokyo"

-Bill and Scarlett taxed in where near to Shinjuku prince hotel and in front of pachinko Nittaku.
pachinko Nittaku

-Scarlett went to hospital whereTokyo Medical University Hospital at nishi-shinjuku.
Tokyo Medical University Hospital

Second is San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident) ('09)
This is a Jackie Chan's movie and not have a high opinion.
there are many scenes not only Shinjuku but also Okubo.
Last climax scene is at Okubo Sta. But not real location.
Okubo Sta.

how's this , see again.