you trip around shinjuku,,,, shop, shop, restaurant, skysraper, many passenger many many, you heavily's good?

you might think where is green in shinjuku? where is to breathe deeply myself in shinjuku?

I tell you that green is near you , don't care.

First is Shinjuku-gyoen,

shinjuku-gyoen is very famous park garden, I heard there were golf park old days.
but admission fee is 400yen required.

very very huge park, so when you' tired past days trip around tokyo, enter the gate and go through the passenger and tree , lay down lawn immediately... deep breathe your own deeply, look over the sky,.... that's it.

after all, my recommendation is (I mean where to eat), "zuien-bekkan", that is Chinese restaurant.
I like mabo-dofu(麻婆豆腐), gomoku-yakisoba(五目焼麺), sui-gyoza(水餃子).

Second is shinjuku chuoo kouen, migtht calls "shinjuku central park".
but that is very different from central park in NY, very smaller and "not disciplined".
admission fee is free,
that is very near to Shinjuku Sta. and electric machines town like "YODOBASHI camera" and also.

also you lay down to the lawn.
after all I recommend where to eat is "tonchinkan"(豚珍館),that is Japanese pork cutlet " tonkatsu" restaurant...

wait wait wait , you might expect any restaurants to make good services and hospitalities, you stop reading below, that's it.

This restaurant is fastfoodlike, I mean that "order-eat-pay-out" quickly.
But very good taste and very cheaper restaurant never-met before.
I wanna describe more, I pass it. It can be seen if you go...

see again.